DV150c 6"x6" 2,775 GPM centrifugal pump - Rain for Rent DV150c 6"x6" 2,775 GPM centrifugal pump - Rain For Rent

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  • DV150c 6"x6" Pump

DV150c 6"x6" Pump

The 6” suction x 6” discharge self-priming centrifugal DV150c trash and sewage pump provides up to a maximum of 2,775 gallons per minute pumping and up to 150 feet of head.

Max Flow 2775  GPM
Max Head 150  ft.
Pump Size 6" x 6"
Max Solids 3  in.

The DV150c is usually mounted on a trailer and features the standard PowerPrime Clean Prime Venturi priming system which allows it to run continuously, unattended and even run dry.

Sound attenduated models of the DV150c pump are available. 

Features of the DV150c include: 

  • Suction lift to 28 feet
  • Continuous self-priming
  • Runs dry unattended
  • 12 volt, electric start and auto-start capable control panel
  • SAE-Mounted
  • Flex coupled to various diesel engines
  • Compressor/venturi automatic priming system
  • 24-hour minimum capacity fuel tank

  • Maximum Flow: 2,775 GPM
  • Maximum Head: 150 feet
  • Pump Size: 6” x 6”
  • Maximum Solids Handling: 3 inches
  • Footprint: Trailer mounted model 135.25” x 66”

Download a spec/cut sheet for the DV150c pump.